Meet the Capsule

Meet the Capsule

         Did you know that most clothes being made right now are made with synthetic fibers that will literally melt if caught on fire? Yeah… Although I source only deadstock materials, I make it a priority to work with fabrics that come from nature, not the plastic-filled fabrics we’re all accustomed to wearing through the accessibility of fast fashion. In fact,, most brands in general (fast fashion or not) typically use synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon, etc. because it’s cheaper to produce so it’s getting harder and harder to find 100% cotton anything. Consuming less and buying less isn’t only good for the environment, but also our mental state so we always try to be more resourceful with less.  

       As a sustainable designer, it’s always been my priority to create while producing as little waste as possible, which is why my pieces are often one-of-one or upcycled creations. However, I knew that I wanted Raya to have a foundation of staple pieces and silhouettes that I could always return to; so the capsule collection was born. Comprised of six pieces that I think shape a wardrobe, these classic garments can be reworn over and over as they each feel new every time they’re styled differently; a limited selection of clothes that are essentially limitless.

       Seeing the popularity of our more comfortable pieces, I knew I wanted to create elevated knitwear as so many people choose to wear sweatpants and hoodies on a regular basis. The past ten years have been all about hoodies, streetwear, athleisure, and comfort, so as a designer, I wanted to show how we can make sweat material into shapes and silhouettes that haven’t been done before or shown as often, rather than succumbing to the easy comfort of standard sweats. I feel like our clothes should not lose intricate design or luxury appeal just because we're living busier lives in the modern day and want people to choose to wear my pieces everyday because they love how it feels and how they feel in it.  

.     The Finola ribbed knit set is as smooth and buttery as it looks as it’s made out of deadstock ribbed knit cotton and spandex material for the perfect body-hugging fit that looks and feels great on everyone. I wanted to make something elegant and effortless at the same time and what better way to do it than using knit materials. It’s really all about fabric choices for me as a designer, using ribbed knit in most of my designs really helped me in the creation process as I transformed my ideas into something people can actually envision themselves wearing everyday without losing comfort or style.

       The Riley Maxi is another example of elegant full coverage as I wanted to make a simple maxi dress that can be worn specifically in the fall and winter time. I didn’t want this piece to feel super dressy but wanted it to still have a nice flattering shape so I included lines and darts down the center of the dress, lengthening the body. The Riley maxi is named to honor my dear friend who passed in 2022, Riley, who believed in RAYA before I even believed in it myself. She’s my angel and will always be a huge part of my brand, my journey, and will always be remembered through my designs.

       As a designer, I want my pieces to be able to be worn everyday all the time - that’s what inspired The Aeros, one of my newer creations. It started with the same concept as the Vendetta but instead of two pieces, it takes four pieces to create the neckline; this gave us the name ‘Aeros’ because it looks like two arrows criss crossing each other in an X shape. I wanted to create a more casual everyday top that’s not as bold as the Vendetta but still highlights the feminine silhouette so any body type can feel comfortable and supported.

     Every piece in the capsule is my version of a staple that everyone typically has in their closet; fun tops, a hoodie, a little black dress, a two piece that they love, a ribbed knit tank, etc. Quality will always be more important than quantity to me and I hope that my capsule helps move others in the same direction through the use of elevated materials and unconventional yet highly wearable designs. It’s my goal to inspire less consumption through my work and encourage investing in classic, quality pieces that can be styled a million ways and worn for a lifetime.


      The Vendetta was the first piece that I created for the capsule and is the most iconic shape and flattering shapes for any woman; think of it as armor or protection for your chest - even though you may be showing a little bit of skin, you can still feel safe and secured. I called it the revenge top because she’s so fierce and effortlessly bold, so however you decide to wear the Vendetta, it evokes an empowered, bold, and sexy attitude for women at every age.

     The Vixen is Vendetta's cousin, she’s still bold but is slightly more intricate and complex. Worn on its own is a bold statement but when styled, it turns a casual denim outfit into an elegant and mysterious nighttime look. What I love about the Vixen is that there is more coverage than the Vendetta so no matter where you decide where the Vixen, you’ll be making a statement without showing a lot of skin.



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